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How to choose a backstory when playing Madden 17?

Madden 17 has three backstory options available when creating a new character in play as player franchise mode. Early draft, late draft or undrafted options affect play style.

Madden 17 character creation system is a comprehensive feature that offers three main customization options. Users will select player’s position, backstory and visual customization. The first two options affect play style on the gridiron and overall game experience. Choosing a backstory is similar to selecting a difficulty level. Player’s rating is also affected by the selected backstory.

Early draft pick means that the player was accepted into the team before others and he is considered a rising star. Advantages that come with this backstory are higher starting rating and faster advancement. The disadvantages are moderate physical skills and the pressure to perform. Early draft players start with a rating between 70 and 80. This higher starting rating is very much needed as early draft players will have difficult season goals. Early draft players start their career almost at the end of the season. They can find a spot to strengthen the team too.

Late round pick players joined the team in a later round. They enjoy support from the team but they didn’t draw much attention from the league. Late round advantages are high physical attributes and quick development. Lower starting rating and not that much awareness are the drawbacks that come with this selection. The maximum overall initial rating doesn’t go higher than 70. Season goals provide a good level of difficulty but they’re easier to complete than early draft season goals. Late round players have time to train as they’re going to take part in games starting with season two.

Undrafted players were selected in the pre season after the early drafting ended. There was a free spot that represented the chance to be part of the team. Low expectations from the league, quick progression and development are advantages for undrafted players. On the other hand, they start with a low rating and physical attributes. The initial rating is somewhere around 60. Season goals are not hard to complete. Undrafted players are given plenty of time to train as they won’t be put on the field early in the game. The madden 17 coins are also important for your playing, the better players you can use the coins to buy.